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Hamato Leonardo ([personal profile] fearless_leader) wrote2005-03-16 03:50 pm

Time line stuff.



1/11 - Leo arrives in Luceti, and runs into Rydia.
1/16 - Derek leaves the house. Leo and Raph talk.
1/17 - April gets Mallynapped.
1/17 - Raine Sage stops by the house.
1/20 - Leo talks with the computer program known as Tron.
1/22 - Leo gets more information on the happenings of Luceti.


2/2 - Don and Leo chat about Raph and a girl.
2/5 - April comes back from her mallynapping. Raph and Sanosuke fight.
2/14 - April's affected by the love experiment.
2/19 - Leo watches people affected by the love experiment.
2/21 - Don comes home after the love experiment.
2/22 - Leo talks to Derek.
2/22 - Leo protests against innocents being sent to fight in the war.
2/23 - Don and Leo deal with an angry, and very drunk, Raph.
2/25 - Leo appears on a list of extra draftees. Don tries to get more information.
2/26 - Leo arrives at the dorms, and meets up with other draftees.
2/27 - Leo goes out to fight.


3/3 - Mikey arrives in Luceti.
3/5 - Leo interrogates Robert
3/7 - Mike and Raph decide to spray paint a mural in their room.
3/9 - Master Splinter arrives in Luceti, and is reunited with his sons.
3/11 - Karai arrives in Luceti, Leo stalks her.
3/15 - The turtles discuss Robert.
3/17 Mikey and Leo fight fake Foot soldiers at the battledome.
3/18 - Leo gets told of a fight with Karai. He and Raph discuss Don.
3/18 - Leo, Raph and Mikey hang out in the kitchen.
3/19 - Splinter decides to get the boys back into shape.
3/23 - Karai threatens Leo's brothers. Leo threatens back.
3/23 - Raph rescues a tired Robert.


4/1 - Raph is turned into a Gamera
4/2 - Keimi reports encountering Gamera!Raph.
4/5 - Mikey decides to celebrate his birthday and invites people.
4/9 - An infected Derek leaves 'presents' around town.
4/15 - Leo reconciles with Don.
4/16 - Leo chats with Cecil about writing.
4/18 - AU event starts. Leo wakes up in the wrong house.
4/18 - AU Leo checks in with brother Sanji.
4/18 - AU Leo checks in with brother Wolfwood.
4/21 - AU Leo buys a sword from Sokka at the festival.
4/25 - AU Leo talks with Wolfwood about the weird dreams.
4/28 - AU event ends. Leo wakes up to an unpleasant surprise.
4/30 - Leo and Karai agree that it meant nothing.

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