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2nd Kata [Action]

[Leo arrived back from the draft. The room he was transported into threw him off for a moment, before he got his bearings. Right, April's room. He remembered agreeing to take the room, just before he was drafted. He sat on the edge of the bed for a moment, rubbing at his shoulder. Between the random injuries on the first day, and the fighting, it was bothering him quite a bit.

He checked the journals, before he pushed himself up, and out of the room. First thought on his mind was to go check on his brothers. The house looked to be in one piece. So far.

((OOC: Mostly action for house 55, but feel free to poke him on the journals. xD))
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[Don is in his room, sitting on the floor. He's surrounded by a litter of camping supplies, which he is examining and packing carefully in a knapsack.]

[The door's open. He's been waiting for you.]

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[No sign of them in the living room or kitchen. So he heads for their rooms. Raph's door is closed. But with Don's open, he takes that as an invitation.

He'll still knock on the door though as he looks in the doorway.]

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Leo. [He'll get up immediately, leaving a tarp half-folded, and come to have a closer look at you.]

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((I'm sorry, I just now got the notif. ._.))

[He's sore, and tired but otherwise all right.

He takes in the camping supplies on the floor.]

Going camping?
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((I didn't get this one either. T_T))

Going, anyway. How was it out there?

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((They're conspiring against us.))

Where are you going? ['And for how long.' is silently asked. He's concerned, since it's still cold out there.]

There was a lot of fighting. Some deaths, but I only know of one from our side.
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The mountains. Two weeks, maybe.

[He kneels again, to continue his work.] Was it Kain?

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Why are you going? [That concern's coming up again. After two weeks Leo might be looking for you, unless he hears something. Mountains. Mountains are cold.] Are you taking ways to stay warm?

[He watches the packing, taking note of the supplies.] No, it was that Jack you told me about. Jack Sparrow.
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Many reasons, Leo; can we talk about something else? [As he says it, he points to his snowsuit, his double-lined tarps, his thermal sleeping bag, his camping stove. Stop worrying.]

... Jack? [He's not quite sure how he feels about this. But then, he's not quite sure how he feels about anything lately.]

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Don... [There's something you're not telling him. He can tell.]

Yeah Jack.
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[Leo, you're insufferable.]

[Don gives up on the tarp, closes his eyes, and turns his head away.]

I'm in love with a man and Raph thinks that makes me gay. I told you not to ask.

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[Well, he wasn't expecting an answer. He's surprised by the answer and also conflicted.]

Are you sure? [He's happy about his brother finding love. He wants to make sure Don's sure and not just jumping into it.]

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That you're in love with a guy.

[He's not completely against this like Raph, but considering Don wants to leave for two weeks over it, it's got him concerned.]
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[He sighs and casts about aimlessly through his gear.] I don't know. I have to get out of here.

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[And this's about the time Raph pops his head in. He's slept in until now, and he's still mask-less and groggy, but really glad to see Leo on one piece.]

Hey, look who's back in one piece.

[Awkwaaaaard. It takes him a second to notice the gear.]

Uh...what's goin' on?

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[Leo let out a sigh. So that's why he wanted to get away. To get his head together. Leo knew that feeling.]

And you think leaving for two weeks is going to help? [He's still not sure that's a great idea. He turns at Raph's voice. Yes, definitely awkward.]

Yeah, just returned a few minutes ago. Good to see you too, Raph. [He motions at the stuff.]

Did you know Don was going camping for two weeks? [He's curious to of how much Don's mentioned of this.]
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...No? [He frowns and studies his brother's posture. The way he hunches his shoulders is more than enough to reignite the pit of worry in his stomach.]

You okay, Donnie?
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[He glances at Raph, then looks away, not saying anything. These cans of food need to be checked. Again.]

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He needs to get his thoughts together.

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[Raph moves into the room, folding his arms, obviously uneasy.]

Where're you goin'?
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I'll know it when I see it. [Translation: Don't come looking for me.]

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This isn't a good idea. What if you run into trouble? Or get hurt?

[He's not questioning his brothers ability to take care of himself. Just that things can happen.]

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[Okay, Don. He'll stick up for you, just because you don't seem like you're in the mood to stick up for yourself.]

He can take care of himself, Leo. That ain't the point. What can you do out there you can't do right here?
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[His sticking-up-for-himself quota is exhausted. Also, he loves it when his brothers talk about him like he's not there.]

[...Okay, he can still stick up for himself a little.]

Guys, this is not open for debate. I'm going. Get out of my room.

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He's eying Don. He's not going to let him go easily. Even in a place like this. There's too much that could happen to him.]

Don't leave. There must be a better solution for this then leaving for two weeks. Something that we can do.

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[Raph just sends him a pleading look. C'mon, Don. Seriously?]
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[If you won't leave, he'll just ignore you. Talking to himself is way more productive.]

Minimum duration, account for delays, add for failure... yes. And then -- well, I guess not. Minus five. [His fingers twitch, and a few more things disappear into the knapsack.]

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[Leo knows that look. The one where Don's got his mind set, and nothing in the world's going to change his mind.]

Come on Raph. He's made up his mind. You know how Donny gets when his mind is made up. [This is with reluctance. He's still not happy with the situation.] We know how to get a hold of him if we need to.

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Yeah. [He speaks quietly, letting Leo usher him out of the room.] Forget it.

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He'll return when he's ready. [That's not to say they won't be checking up on him though. Twp weeks is a long time.

Leo will close the rooms door behind him.]

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[Raph works his jaw, half tempted to just blurt out "Did I say something? Did I do something wrong?" Because he just doesn't understand. This whole thing is so freakin' frustrating and it hurts that he can't understand his brother when he needs that support.

Damn it!

But he can't say it. He can't open that dam because he's afraid that once it cracks, all of that emotion will pour out and that's probably the last thing Donnie needs right now.

So he stays silent, swallows it down, walks across the hall and closes himself in his bedroom.

Don's not the only one with lots of thinking to do.]