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3rd Kata [AU event] [Action/Voice]

[It's another early morning for Leonardo, after more of those strange dreams. He's used to dreams about fighting and working out strategies. But these fights he's been dreaming about are much more intense. So graphic and clear, that they felt life threatening. Including one that showed himself and Karai fighting. Like the first time they met. Only this one didn't have a happy ending.

He rolls out of bed and grabs his journal, checking for more sightings of those monsters, before sending a message.]

These dreams are getting worse. Hope this shift is over soon.Hope everyone's being careful when they go out at night, too.

[He sounds tired, but alert, as well as a little worried for those that might be out. He'll check up on Karai. Later he'll be out around the village, or out in the forest making sure those things aren't causing problems.]

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[Karai is up on the roof, actually. Not an uncommon place for her to end up, especially when she's training. But today, all she seems to be doing is standing at the very edge of the roof and glancing down at the village below.]

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[So that's why you weren't asleep next to him in the bed. The rooftop's one of the first places he check. He's relieved to find her there.]

Karai? [He's headed for where she's standing. His tone is worried.]

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[The look she gives him over her shoulder is guarded at first instance, but then melts into warmth. She's glad to see him, despite the disturbing night she's had.] Are you well?

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[The look makes him pause for a moment., before he continues approaching.]

Another rough night. [He didn't need to ask, the last few nights have been rough.] As well as someone loosing sleep and worried over monsters can be. [He'll stop beside her, crossing arms over his chest for the moment.

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The monsters are not attacking anyone. [She's noticed this; it's strange, and still a cause for alarm. But at lesat that's something. Her own eyes are shadowed. It seems they're both losing sleep. A few moments of silence, just comfortable to stand with Leo on the edge of the roof... until she closes her eyes and remembers what she dreamt about last night.]

I do not like this new Shift. At all.


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Leonardo, are you alright? [You worry your brother's wife, Leo.]

We're safe and well here. [They've protected Lucy from monsters; they can comfort her from dreams, too.]


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I'm fine. Just tired of loosing sleep over these dreams. [Like they all are.]

Good to hear.


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I understand. Why don't we do something to take our minds away from it?


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I woke up in a room with you last week and I've had dreams about you four nights in a row. Why?

[He asks like he expects an answer.]


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[You know, if this was different circumstances that would sound down right creepy. Still does sound kind of creepy.]

It must be another shift. I've been having dreams of you and the other turtle men too for days. [Along with other people from that strange world.]
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[Yes, obviously. The disturbing thing is how purposeful this one seems.]

[And it's reciprocal...]

My brothers? Or someone else?

[Because why shouldn't there be other turtle men?]


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Please tell me you've seen Raphael.

[He doesn't even care about the other stuff. He'd love to be told his brother's been in jail for the past week. Come on, Leo. Make his day.]

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[Mike runs a hand down his face.]

I haven't seen him in a week.

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...I'll keep an eye out for him.

[He doesn't want to say it, but they both know he could of disappeared into the forest. Like so many others.]

[ voice ]

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I think the best answer would be not to go out at all.

[ ...or the instinct of the naturally overprotective father has taken over at this point in the family's round of sleeplessness. ]


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I agree...especially for those that can't fend for themselves.

How have you been, Father?


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I can say with all certainty that I've been worse before. [ Probably not saying much, considering this family's big complexicated history and tendency to brush off personal issues, but it's all about perspective. ]

...what about you?


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Same, a little tired but I'm fine. I just wish these dreams would go away.


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You mean those shitty dog-things? [The dream part he doesn't address - Leo's right about it, anyway]

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Yeah. Had any encounters with them, Sanji?

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No. Some shithead wanted me to cook one for him.

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Jeez, why would they want to eat them?