fearless_leader: (Ha I win)
Hamato Leonardo ([personal profile] fearless_leader) wrote2011-04-27 01:08 am

3rd Kata [AU event] [Action/Voice]

[It's another early morning for Leonardo, after more of those strange dreams. He's used to dreams about fighting and working out strategies. But these fights he's been dreaming about are much more intense. So graphic and clear, that they felt life threatening. Including one that showed himself and Karai fighting. Like the first time they met. Only this one didn't have a happy ending.

He rolls out of bed and grabs his journal, checking for more sightings of those monsters, before sending a message.]

These dreams are getting worse. Hope this shift is over soon.Hope everyone's being careful when they go out at night, too.

[He sounds tired, but alert, as well as a little worried for those that might be out. He'll check up on Karai. Later he'll be out around the village, or out in the forest making sure those things aren't causing problems.]

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