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4th Kata [Voice/Action if wanted] Backdated to the 28th

[After escaping from the unfamiliar apartment, where he had awoken curled up with Karai, he fled into the woods. He thought about heading for home, but he just wasn't ready for it. The first experiment to affect him, and it hit hard.

His family is everything to him. But with what seemed like the flip of a switch, he had it ripped out from under him. They were completely replaced. Different father, different brothers. He remembered his real brothers being around, but seeing them as only friends and strangers. There was also the dislike for Raph, the fact that he was a criminal, in some ninja gang, run by Splinter. He knew Don, Mikey and Raph still considered each other brothers in that world. He wonders why he was isolated. If they could stay brothers, why couldn't he? Then there was the whole aspect of thinking he was married to Karai, for over a year. These malnosso's really liked to screw with your mind, that was clear now. Playing with emotions he had long buried.

They really were capable of anything. He hates that there's nothing they can do to stop them.

After his conversation with Robert, he gives a frustrated sigh, and rubs at his eyes for a moment. At least he knows his brothers and Sensei are all right. Even if Raph has yet to check in. Maybe the hot-head got lucky and missed this whole mess.

Eventually he'll check in himself. They're probably back at the house, waiting for him to come back. But he can't. Not yet.]

[Voice;Filtered to Master Splinter, Donatello and Michelangelo]

I'm going to be a few days before I come home.

[As much as he wants to be home, he needs a chance to get his thoughts back together. He knows it wasn't real, but it still left him with a lot to deal with.]
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((Assuming Don has recovered and gone home.))

[Don is worried about Leo, but he'll be damned if he says a word against his brother's solitary sojourn.]

Take care of yourself.

[Leo doesn't even have to answer if he doesn't want to.]

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[It takes him a bit, but he does respond.]

Thanks. Take care of yourself and keep an eye on Mikey.

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[That's right... you were married to Karai. He shudders. Suddenly his problems don't seem so bad.]

You sure you don't want anything before you go?

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[It seems like Leo got the worst of it. Well, other then Don's migraine. At least he's staying in contact?]

Well...I could use food. Though the there is the option of hunting
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I'll give you some bread and cookies.

[He'll even wrap them up in a handkerchief for you.]

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[Food was the last thing on his mind when he left the apartment.]

All right. I can meet you somewhere. [Or swing by the house or something.]

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Come home for just a little bit?

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[Then he'd be tempted to just stay.]

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[That was kind of the idea.]

You don't have to come inside...


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If you need anything, just call.


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[This surprises him, he wasn't expecting that.]

Thank you, Ami. I will.


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[Hey, friends of friends and all that.]

Make sure to bring sufficient supplies.


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[Or in this case, friends of brothers.]

Mikey's giving me some bread and cookies, I'll be fine.

[He's survived on less growing up, after all. Plus, there is stuff to hunt out in the woods.]


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[Whatever works. They all just went through a lot.]

Bring water, too.


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Of course.

Are...you all right?


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I'm fine. It's sad now that being together as a family with my friends is over, but it wasn't real.
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Re: [Voice]

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[Leo won't be the only one wandering around the woods, though Shikamaru is out here for another reason entirely. He's marking the roots of certain trees with a kunai, but keeping an ear out for anyone just passing by.]


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He's falling back on familiar things, to help himself deal with this. He spent a while meditating, which always helps him to relax. Well, most of the time anyway. Now though he's doing some practicing, unarmed, as he goes through the kata. His senses alert him to someone in the woods once he's done. He goes to investigate, though the presence is familiar. He'll pause when he finally comes across Shikamaru, watching what he's doing, before speaking up.]

Trying to keep from getting lost? [He's relaxed at the moment. Shikamaru's familiar, even if it's been a couple of months since he talked to him.]
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[He picks up on Leo before he speaks, but not much sooner before that. You guys really have been trained well.]

Heh, not me. Got a friend though - couldn't tell left from right.

[In actuality, he's just marking them in a place few would think to look. He has plans for these trees, eventually. And while Shino is not so directionally-challenged, he will need his help with them.]


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[It helps that they've had plenty of practice back home.]

Ah, good idea then.
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[He puts the kunai away before turning around to sit at the base of the tree, looking at him.]

So what's your excuse? Getting to know the fuzzy, woodland creatures? [/dry]


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No. Just out here to clear my head, and regather my thoughts after the recent experiment.


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Be careful, my son.

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I will Master Splinter.

I'm stopping by the house. [Because Mikey begged insisted. Leo might be hoping a little to see Splinter too. There's a part of him that needs to see him, after thinking a human was his father for a week.]
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Good. I will be waiting.

[Splinter needs to see him as well, after everything.]