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6th Kata [Written/Action]

[Shredder and Karai are both gone.. He's glad for it. At least he no longer has to wonder when the Saki was going to make his move. Or try to figure out what he was up to. But on the other side of it. He's disappointed that Karai is gone. Near the end it looked like she was starting to see why he kept trying to get her to switch sides. Seemed to be seriously considering it. But now...now it all meant nothing. It's another missed opportunity. But he hopes there might be more. Even if the chances of her showing up again were slim. But at least he also didn't have to deal with the Malnosso deciding to dig up old feelings anymore.

He'll be out at the memorial garden briefly. Adding something to remember Karai, at least. Sometime after that he'll send a filtered message, when he sits down to send it..]

[Written/Filtered 100% to Ami.]
Hello Ami. I was wondering if you've talked to anyone about that group we talked about.

[Once that's done, he'll close the journal. He'll be out in the woods. He's been trying to contact Hyt, the light spirit, before it gets too cold out. Even knowing he's the hardest to contact out of all of them.

Eventually he'll head home though, turning the route into a training run.]
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[Hmhmhmm, just walking around the village with a nice little bag of starfish carvings under her arm. Fuuko is just returning home when she spots Leo heading out into the woods.

So uh, she can't help but notice this guy resembles a giant, bipedal turtle. Now it's rude to stare, but she really can't help it in this case. So not to make it blatantly obvious that she's staring however, Fuuko will dash behind a building and peer out around it carefully.

She doesn't want to bother him or anything like that, just watch for now. It's not everyday back home you saw someone who looked like this. Oh, perhaps it's just a costume or something though? Hmm.]

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[It's a little early for Halloween. That's for sure.

Leo's a little used to being stared at. Staring is better than some reactions that he's gotten when he was back home. But it still makes him pause and eye around his surroundings, trying to spot the starer. Trying to decide if it's a threat or not.]
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[Perhaps he's just that eager to get into the Halloween spirit?

Once Fuuko realises the big turtle guy is looking around himself she withdraws back behind the building. You can't see her nooow~

Of course she pokes her head out again after a moment or two. She really isn't the best at these covert-type things.]

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He narrows his eyes a little. Not wanting to be found is raising some red flags in his mind. It could be someone spying on him. Even with the Shredder gone, there are other threats here.

Ah, but ninjas are trained for covert spying type things. When she peeks out again, he manages to catch sight of her. He turn completely to face where she is.]

I know you're there, come out. [His voice is tense, but not quite threatening. He's starting to get the feeling that maybe she's not a threat.]
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[What do you do when you're called out of your hiding place? You do the exact opposite of course. Rather than coming out and revealing herself, Fuuko just shakes her head.

Nuh uh. Not coming out. Now then, back to staring.]

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Well, he'll go to you then. He sees you. Only in a less creepy way. His posture is wary, but not threatening. She looks awfully young. He wonders if she's more scared than anything.]

Hey, I won't hurt you.
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[More staring follows as he gets closer. Even after he speaks, Fuuko will continue to stare for a moment more before replying.]

What are you?! Is the zip in the back?

[Fuuko runs around to the back of him so to get a closer look at that shell... There's no zip she can see. Huh.]

Are you just a really big turtle?!

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[Well, that's different!]

Ah, no I'm not in a costume. I know that's hard to believe.

[There's also his very obvious wings. That he's keep tucked against the shell at the moment.]

Yes, I am.
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It is very hard to believe!! This place is much stranger than Fuuko had once thought.

[Running back around to face him now. First magic and now giant turtles... Does this mean there are giant starfish too?]

What sort of turtle are you?! Also, do you know any giant starfish?

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No, not especially. I feel as though I shouldn't rush ahead; it could put our plans at risk.

[Written - same filter]

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Yes, rushing it would raise suspicion.

[It makes him feel a little better, since he hasn't been sure who to speak to either.]

Let me know when you decide to.

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I will. Is there someone you're sure of to suggest?

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I plan to ask my brother and father. A lot of people I knew have left.

I don't know if he'd be interested, but Shikamaru could be good. He spoke to me about Saki and Karai.

[Written - same filter]

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I'm not sure how that relates to our plans.

[Written - same filter] Now that LJ is behaving....

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It doesn't. But I think he can be trusted.

[Written - same filter] sort of XD

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I see. In that case, I'll try to trust him also. [She believes, at the very least, that Leo would be sincere.]

[Written - same filter] sort of XD

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Alright, thank you.

[He is, he's talked to the man a couple of times. The man might not even be interested]

Ah, there's something else I wanted to talk to you about.
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[Leo isn't alone at the Memorial Garden. Robert, after all, is one of its co-founders, and the unofficial caretaker for it. As such, he's there, tending to one of the plots.

... It's a plot for Mike. Mixed feelings towards the turtle aside, Robert was still sad to see him go. There is still an ache, an emptiness of a kind... he wonders if perhaps things would have gotten better, if Mike had stayed longer. Maybe they could have forgiven each other. Maybe they even could have been friends.

He doesn't notice Leo right now, lost in thought as he is. Want to approach him, Leo?]


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[Leo had noticed the plots for his brothers before. It was good to have someplace where they could be remembered.

He's heading out, but decides to go visit the plots to his brothers. He slows when he sees Robert at one of them though.]

Hey. [May as well try not to startle the man.]
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[Even so, Robert does startle a little - he hadn't been expecting to be approached.

Leo's voice is unmistakable though, and so Robert glances up at him with a small, if sad, smile.]

Hello, Leonardo. ... Have you... come here to pay respects to someone...?

[... He is, vaguely, wondering if it has to do with Oroku Saki and Oroku Karai being sent home - but he doesn't quite ask aloud. His eyes might do that for him, though.]


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Uh, yeah. To Karai, we were once friends. [And allies.]

Nothing fancy.

[He honestly had no clue what to put there, except flowers.]

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[Well, that answers that question. Maybe Karai wasn't as bad as Robert had thought.]

... I am sorry that... circumstances went the way they did...


Perhaps she will return, one day. [He traces a finger idly across Mike's marker.] ... I hope others will, too... despite knowing it is selfish of me.


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It can't be helped. If the roles were switched, I'd probably do the same as she did. [It's the way they were brought up. To obey their master and father. Whether he was an evil overlord or not.]

Perhaps. [He looks to the plots for his brothers with a sigh.]

I don't know what I want more. Them to be here, or for them to stay home. [One part of him wanted his family to all be here, together, complete. But the other is thankful he no longer has to worry about them getting killed or injured.]
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[He nods, slowly. It's difficult to see other peoples' perspectives, but if he tries...]

... In the case of Vivi, I... I know I would w-welcome her back here with open arms...

... but I know she... she should be safe. With her mother. [His voice hitches just a moment.]


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[He nods.]

Yeah, I know they're safe at home, but a part of me wishes our family was complete.


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