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7th Kata [Action/Timed to earlier today.]

[After recovering from the kidnapping affect, finding out Splinter is gone. Plus the madness of the last couple of days with the moon coming down and all. Waking up to everything normal is surreal. He, Robert and Don will head back to House 55 for a while, getting things somewhat settled, even if they're still getting over Splinter being gone. Leo's shoulder still aches pretty badly. But it's not as bad as it was. Though the colder temperatures probably aren't helping it either.

He and Don will head out eventually. For two reasons:

First to get supplies for winter,
Second to get stuff for some Halloween fun. Especially pumpkin's for carving.
Maybe some candy too.

Feel free to catch them around Luceti. At the stores, or even out at one of the farms, looking at pumpkins. You could also catch them at house 55 if so inclined.]

((OOC: Joint post with Leo and Don. Feel free to specify if you want both or just one of them. But you can catch them anywhere in Luceti.
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[Don has never been in a pumpkin patch before. Even after getting to the point where Luceti's grocery store is almost taken for granted, the sheer number of choices here is a little overwhelming.]

[Don wanders up and down the rows, inspecting his options, but not yet touching anything.]
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[Neither has Leo. Last time they got any, Casey and April had bought them, since obviously pumpkins don't grow in sewers. He's checking out all of the options too. So many sizes and shapes.]

Find any you like yet, Donny? He'll look at where his brother is doing the same.]
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[Don had some last year, too, but Raph had acquired them from who-knows-where. The farm hadn't even existed yet.]

I'm not sure I've found any I don't like.

[He looks at Leo with a "Can I take them all?" expression.]

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We can't take them all, Donny.

[Though pumpkins certainly have their uses. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, baked pumpkin seeds, etc etc. But really, they don't need a whole patch worth of pumpkins.]
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[Aww but Leo.]

[Don circles the patch some more, still just looking. Once he's touched something it's hard to put it back.]

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We can take a few home, but that's it.

[One for each of them and Robert, plus an extra. Plus, there's probably other people that want pumpkins too. One makes him pause, as it kind of reminds him of the one Mikey made the 'Leo-o-lantern' out of. He sighs a bit, glancing away from it.]
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[Don pauses in the midst of reaching for a pumpkin, catching that odd reaction.]


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Just remembering last Halloween back home.

[He's not letting go of those memories, even if he wasn't in the right mind at the time to enjoy it.]
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["Last Halloween back home" must mean something different to Leo than it does to Don. He's really not in the mood to ask.]

What about this one?

[Supervise Don's decision-making. You always enjoy that.]

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[Action] Both?

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Don? Leo?

[Ami pauses on her way to... well, wherever she had been going. The fountain, probably. Anywhere that would let her try to take her mind off the past few days. (Days?)]

Good afternoon.

[Action] Sure! Sorry for delay. x.x

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[He's relieved to see her well. Whether the moon thing was an illusion or not. It felt real enough.]

Afternoon. It's good to see you, are you doing alright?
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[Don hasn't seen Ami since the - incident - at the beginning of the month. He stays silent and lets Leo talk, as he often does anyway.]


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[She smiles, but her eyes seek out Don as if to check whether he's alright, as if to check whether he's angry. She makes herself look back at Leo to continue talking politely.]

I'm... relieved, now that it's over.


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Same here.

[He's glad to see the end to a strange week, or couple of weeks for him and Don anyway. He'll glance between Ami and his brother, though, at the looks.]
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[Don gives Leo a "tell you later" look, and becomes very interested in the pumpkins.]


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If you came out to do errands, shall we go together? I have a few things to do, too.


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[Oh fine Don. He'll definitely ask later.]

Sure. We were just out getting supplies and things for Halloween.

[Like pumpkins obviously.]


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Late-ass reply because I fail /o/

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[At some point, the turtles will probably return home, to Robert in the kitchen, acting every part the duitful house-husband-of-a-sort.

He's trying his best to make the place seem a little cheerier than usual, or at least... not entirely traumatizing, though with the season, the holiday in question that's supposed to be going on at this time, and the general melancholy of the family, he has his work cut out for him.

Still, it hasn't stopped him from trying, and he offers his housemates a soft smile when he sees them.]

... Did everything go well, I hope?


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Yup, we got the nicest we could find.

[Yup, they'll be arriving back at the house, finally, sometime in the afternoon. They probably brought the supplies back earlier? But now they're dragging in pumpkins. All roundish and orangey. Though they're not perfect of course.]
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[Don puts a small, symmetrical pumpkin on the counter, and beams at Robert. For you!]
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And that was me being too dumb to realize I didn't pin the thread

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[Robert looks approvingly at the pumpkins, particularly at the symmetrical one. It's almost eerily perfect!]

I am glad... [And the turtles don't look any worse for wear, either.]

... Thank you for finding one for me too.
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[Leo will find a place to set his down too.]

Why wouldn't we?

[It wouldn't be right to leave Robert out of it. Even if he's never done it before.]
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[Don waves this off, and gets some water for himself and for Leo.]

Do you want to carve them now?
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It may be best. [... It'd be something to take their minds off of... well, everything. And it's not like the kitchen isn't clean!]

Do we have the proper utensils, though?

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All we need is knives and spoons. Big spoons. [Though for a couple of years they did use their weapons, but let's not mention that.] What do we have to cover where we're carving?

[Because Leo doesn't want to be cleaning up pumpkin gut stains. Not to mention Robert probably doesn't want to either.]

Don't think we have any newspaper.

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