fearless_leader: (Sympathetic look)
Hamato Leonardo ([personal profile] fearless_leader) wrote2011-10-31 09:35 pm

7th Kata [Action/Timed to earlier today.]

[After recovering from the kidnapping affect, finding out Splinter is gone. Plus the madness of the last couple of days with the moon coming down and all. Waking up to everything normal is surreal. He, Robert and Don will head back to House 55 for a while, getting things somewhat settled, even if they're still getting over Splinter being gone. Leo's shoulder still aches pretty badly. But it's not as bad as it was. Though the colder temperatures probably aren't helping it either.

He and Don will head out eventually. For two reasons:

First to get supplies for winter,
Second to get stuff for some Halloween fun. Especially pumpkin's for carving.
Maybe some candy too.

Feel free to catch them around Luceti. At the stores, or even out at one of the farms, looking at pumpkins. You could also catch them at house 55 if so inclined.]

((OOC: Joint post with Leo and Don. Feel free to specify if you want both or just one of them. But you can catch them anywhere in Luceti.

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