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4th wall Kata [Voice/Action]

[When did Luceti get so popular? Seems like the population tripled over night. ]

Are there even enough places for all these people to stay?

[Leo can found out and about Luceti in the heated suit that Don made him. The battledome for some working out, the tea house or restraunt for something to drink and other warm places. Eventually in the late afternoon he heads home.]

((Since house 55 has a barrier around it, I'm getting Leo out of the house. Feel free to tag him anywhere, mostly around the town though since he's a reptile. xD If people just want regular old CR too, that's fine. XD))
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[Suddenly, there are two of them.]
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[No, no, we must wait. But when he looks at you, I will look at him~]
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[A wisp of wind behind you may alert you to the fact someone is nearby... but if you should look, you will see nothing~~~. OooOOOOOoooooh mysterioussss~~]
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[A nearby trash can topples over, but no one is there. OooooWeeeeOoooo...]
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[And suddenly--TURTLE TACKLE!]

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[Michelangelo backs off and gives his brother a grin.]

Not sure but aren't you glad to see me?
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Because Leo needs to be scared some more today

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[When Leo gets home, if he should happen to sit on the couch... a tiny hand will reach out from under the furniture and seize his ankle.]
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[Six-year-old Donnie doesn't weigh much, so when Leo grabs him he's pulled right out from under the couch, and dangles miserably from his wrist, or maybe from the rim of his shell.]
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I'm - I'm Donnie! When did everybody else get so big?
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N-no... [Yes a little but he's a brave ninja okay.] Leo, I'm scared... [He'll cling to whatever part of his brother is easiest to reach.]
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[Still clinging.]

Wanna go home, Leo...
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[....Well. This does not look like the Kon Ran Chinese New Year celebration. Actually...

He has no idea where he is or what is going on. Maybe he really
is having a psychotic break now.]


[He starts to walk around.]

Hello? Liz? Telicanthus?...
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[Not Chinese New Year's. But that's neither here nor there.

Don instantly stops at the voice, slowly turning around. He wasn't dreaming, was he? He was...he had to be...

There was a look of brief confusion and uncertainty in his voice. Just for an instant.]


[He didn't really care though. His face lights up.]

Leo...no way!
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Yeah...I'm pretty sure I'm doing all right!

I think.

[He looks sheepish after a moment. It might stand to note that this Don is wearing clothing, a SCRAM on his ankle, and lacks a bandanna currently.]

Just...you won't believe where I've been. It's...crazy, actually.
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Where do I even start...

[He lets out a sigh.]

After our battle with that poor mutant cockroach, I woke up in this hospital in some city. And when I did the doctors told me I...I woke up from a coma.

[The more he talks about it, the more his happy expression slowly changes. He starts to look sad.]

And then they told me I...wasn't who I thought I was. That my entire life had been nothing more than a trauma-induced dream. That this wasn't even my real personality. And that I was human.

[Actually, his expression looks a little worried as well. As in, what if this was also a dream? He was still on the fence, and was more on the side of him being who he's always believed himself to be, but. What if the opposite was true? What if Leo wasn't real-]

I've been in Kon Ran ever since. It's been a month. This is the first time I've not been there.
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[He really, really wants to believe that is the case, Leo. Seriously. At the motioning he looks down.]

Not entirely...its a large city. Granted, we're not yet allowed out of the city, but I don't think we're wearing these because the people there want to necessarily hurt us. More that they think we might hurt ourselves, in line with them thinking we're not in our right minds.
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Scaring Leo AGAIN c:

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[Somewhere around the Battle Dome, Leo might spy an unusual sight - a little boy at the computer controls, looking them over confusedly.

These aren't what he recognizes. They look... well, ancient. But they're more familiar than anything else in this place.]

Wh-wh-where's the... Internet connection...?