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8th Kata [Voice/Action; Backdated to around when the team gets back]

[Here he was back from the mission. He's tired, but for more reasons than just one. Going from freezing, to hot and humid, to back to freezing has been wreaking havoc on his ectothermic system, which had gotten settled into the winter regime. He still did the best he could out in the field though. First thing he does is give a call out to his housemates.]

Don, Robert? I'm back. Robert, could you bring me my suit?

[He hates how he sounds under the weather, but at the moment he can't help it.

He'll be lingering around the tunnels until Robert arrives, or he might get tired of waiting and stubbornly decide to walk home.]
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[Oh, Leo.

Robert, of course, worried for his friend (and... step-brother, of a sort?) while he was gone. The climate shift couldn't have been good for him.

But even so, he doesn't expect Leo to sound this bad...]

... Of course. C-Can... can you tell me where exactly you are located...?

And, er, might you need anything else...? [He might as well bring Leo something. Perhaps something not-too-hot to eat?]
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Certainly... [Unlike Don, Robert is taking this entirely seriously. (When doesn't he?) He's already figuring out which soup to take and which thermoses are already cleaned out enough for the purpose.]

... I will... t-try to be quick. You should not be in direct range of the wind, if possible... I know you understand that, though...

[He's still fussing, however.]
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[Voice] -> [Action?]

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Good... I would not w-want for you to be further i-inconvenienced...


Give me... j-just a few moments, and I will be outside...

[He's not turning off the journal though. So Leo gets to hear the sounds of Robert gathering things - the clink of metal and plastic, the shuffling noises of fabric, the liquidy sound of him distributing soup, and the snap of clasps shutting as he bundles them up in his bag.]
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[Action~ <3]

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[Robert will make sure he gets there soon enough - he doesn't want to leave Leo in the cold too long. And so eventually he'll hurry up with the suit and some warm soup bundled up in that familiar cloth bag, and the journal tucked under his arm.

As soon as he gets close, Robert places the bag on the ground and fetches the suit out of it, opening it up so that Leo can slide it on as soon as possible.]

... I trust that you... came through well enough...?
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What about those you were... working with? Were they... agreeable people, I hope...?

[This is a song and dance he's done before. While Leo is getting that thermal suit on, Robert fishes out the thermos and opens it, inverting the lid to serve as a cup. The soup lets out a cloud of fragrant steam as he pours some into the lid.]

Here... [And he offers the warm, aromatic soup to the turtle.]
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[Despite himself, Robert can't help but watch attentively - studying Leo for any sign of illness or exhaustion, and almost hovering over him as he drinks. He feels an almost-responsibility for his not-brother's safety, and he's determined to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Eventually, he asks:]
Do... you wish to start heading back, now...?
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[Well, well, well. Don is reasonably coherent today and cannot resist this opportunity to get back at his brother a little.]

Welcome back, Leo. Do you want me to bring your suit? You can have mine also, and on the way back I can build you a snowman.
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Right away, Lord Leo.
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[He thinks a moment.] Was it my birthday while you were gone?
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[Unconcerned.] I missed it too. Torpor rule; you owe me a present next month.
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[It takes Don a minute to think of what Leo is referring to.]

We probably shouldn't talk about that on the journals...
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Get home safely, okay, Leo? We'll talk then.
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He left a while ago. He should be there soon. [Or Don could be forgetting how not-fast Robert is. Either way.]
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[Voice] go ahead and time skip

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Good. I'll see you soon. [He listens a moment longer, then closes the journal.]