fearless_leader: (Calmly listening)
Hamato Leonardo ([personal profile] fearless_leader) wrote2012-02-11 03:25 am

8th Kata [Voice/Action; Backdated to around when the team gets back]

[Here he was back from the mission. He's tired, but for more reasons than just one. Going from freezing, to hot and humid, to back to freezing has been wreaking havoc on his ectothermic system, which had gotten settled into the winter regime. He still did the best he could out in the field though. First thing he does is give a call out to his housemates.]

Don, Robert? I'm back. Robert, could you bring me my suit?

[He hates how he sounds under the weather, but at the moment he can't help it.

He'll be lingering around the tunnels until Robert arrives, or he might get tired of waiting and stubbornly decide to walk home.]

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