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9th Kata [Voice/Action]


[Just as they had left for the draft, Leo and Robert returned from it together. What they returned to was the town in a mess - there was debris everywhere. Houses and buildings were damaged or destroyed, though some remained intact. Leo was slightly relieved to see House 55 still standing. However that changed a bit once they were inside. Some windows had been broken, allowing debris inside. There was also water damage in some of the rooms - mainly (and maybe fortunately) in the empty rooms. While the occupied bedrooms were left more or less untouched.

They were also greeted by a rather distressed, and hungry, Carbon. Who complained in her version of simple speech.]

Scared. Hungry. Where go? [Her voice very mewly and high pitched.

Before cleanup could start though, Leo was keen to find his brother, worried that Don didn't come to greet them. He'll search the house, but doesn't find him. He'll eventually make a voice post over the journals.]


Has anyone seen Donatello? [He's trying to ignore the dread in his mind. There's many explanations of why Don isn't here. He could be helping out somewhere, or even kidnapped. But after what he said just before they left...]
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[Something cold runs through her when she hears that, because if anyone should have been reunited with Donatello immediately, it's his brother.]

I haven't. If he's not home, I'll help you look right away.
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Could it be... he was taken by droids?

[Her voice comes out a bit uncertain; she has a feeling Leo already would have considered that and is at least fairly sure it isn't the case.]

For the time being, let's meet to start searching. Where shall we begin?
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[She'd like to say he might just be out for a short while, which would explain the lack of note if he expected to be back soon... but surely he'd have answered this journal entry, then?]

He hasn't answered you, since you asked for him?
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It's still possible he just doesn't have the journal with him right now. [Don't panic until it's time, Ami.]
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[There are a lot of rational, reasonable reasons someone could be missing for a short while. Remember them. Focus on that and figure out what did happen. Then find a solution. You can do this, Ami.]

No, it's alright. This is important, too. I want to be sure of where he is.
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Where do you want me to go first? [It'll be best if one person organizes things, after all, so they aren't all covering the same ground and they can look efficiently.]
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[Action though it's fairly self-evident]

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[House 55 is a mess.

As exhausted, sick, injured and generally overwhelmed Robert is, the first thing he does when he steps into the house is to slowly cover his face with his hands and exhale against his palms. It's a calming gesture more than anything, because he needs to focus.

Then he looks up.]

... We need to... take inventory of the damage.

[The question, of course, is where they're even going to start...]

... After we find everyone.

["Everyone" meaning "Don and Carbon".]
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[Action] | Verily. |D;

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[Carbon! Though it's not Don - and that makes Robert's insides tight with anxiety and fear - he nevertheless scoops up the dirty, wet cat into his arms, huddling her shivering body close.]


[He smiles sadly and placates her by stroking her head, sending her into muted, wordless purring.]

... She has not been fed...

[Don wouldn't forget to do that, would he? Maybe he's been stuck somewhere.

... Anything, other than the obvious possibility.]
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Tell me if you find anything... [Robert, of course, is off to feed Carbon - she cries once when he picks her up to carry her to where her dish is, but falls silent at his continued reassuring stroking.

Even as he goes, though, his mind is in turmoil. What happened here? He knew the village was going to be attacked, but how badly was it attacked? And this is flooding damage, isn't it? He remembers seeing similar-looking damage in pre-Terran environmental reports.]

... Where could he b-be...?

[Almost absently, he cleans out Carbon's dishes - they've been sitting full of stagnant water, and at least the plumbing still functions - before refilling them with slightly-soggy cat food and comfortingly rubbing behind Carbon's ears.]
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[Hearing Leo's futile cries throughout the house doesn't ease Robert's worries one bit. As soon as Carbon's situated, he gets up and casts about the room, looking for their emergency equipment in the debris.

Some searching turns up a high-octane flashlight, probably used on a camping trip. Luckily, it turns on after some coaxing, and he sweeps the darker corners of the house with it, intent on searching for any evidence that Don might've been here.]

Don...? Don, please, if y-you are here...

[... Nothing.]
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[Oh dear.]

"I would be willing to offer my assistance in the search."
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"Oh dear... I shall be certain to keep on the lookout for him, in any case. I shall be aiding in the efforts to clean and repair the village, but if I see- or sense- your brother, I'll let you know."
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It's a budweiser commercial. YOU FAIL.

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"I shall let you know."

[He pauses a moment, then adds,]

"I'm certain he'll be alright."
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[He can't remember when he last opened his journal... but it's a good thing he did this morning. ... Oh no. If... if Leo doesn't know where Don is, then...

Immediately, he picks up his journal and takes it with him as he starts bounding around the village going to any place he can imagine Don being: The library, the item shop, the grocery store, that dome thing... anywhere he can think of, he's going, calling out his name and probably not being too subtle about it. Finally, he stops and looks down at his journal, panting slightly from all the running and sounding defeated.]

I... I d-didn't find him.
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I tried... th-the stores... the library... the cabin... [He checks the map to find the name.] Th-the... battle dome...?
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You're... y-you're welcome.

[A few moments' hesitation... this is Don. Just looking around for him isn't enough. The man... turtle... has been very good to him, giving him reading lessons every week, he... he needs to do more for him back.

... And then he remembers where Leo lives.]

Is... h-how is... Hastings? [They both went to the draft together; they surely came back together, too... he hopes...?]
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[Donatello... Amidst the losses of the decoys -among them Lupin-, he suddenly feels like a squadmate.

The fact not even they know worries her.]

Negative... Not in the middle of this all.
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Yes, sir... Robert needs to know as well.

I'll keep my eye on him. Any word on where he was?
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[Damn it.]

I was around the Battle Dome when the fighting started. I'll be seeking around the northern areas...


But I hope he is alright.

[Alien or not, it's a squadmate. Something that takes priority even over her prejudices.]