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Hamato Leonardo ([personal profile] fearless_leader) wrote2012-06-25 10:49 pm

9th Kata [Voice/Action]


[Just as they had left for the draft, Leo and Robert returned from it together. What they returned to was the town in a mess - there was debris everywhere. Houses and buildings were damaged or destroyed, though some remained intact. Leo was slightly relieved to see House 55 still standing. However that changed a bit once they were inside. Some windows had been broken, allowing debris inside. There was also water damage in some of the rooms - mainly (and maybe fortunately) in the empty rooms. While the occupied bedrooms were left more or less untouched.

They were also greeted by a rather distressed, and hungry, Carbon. Who complained in her version of simple speech.]

Scared. Hungry. Where go? [Her voice very mewly and high pitched.

Before cleanup could start though, Leo was keen to find his brother, worried that Don didn't come to greet them. He'll search the house, but doesn't find him. He'll eventually make a voice post over the journals.]


Has anyone seen Donatello? [He's trying to ignore the dread in his mind. There's many explanations of why Don isn't here. He could be helping out somewhere, or even kidnapped. But after what he said just before they left...]

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