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[Even with nothing going on, it's been a rough few days for the residents of house 55. It's like some cruel twist in a game. They were finally getting their acts together, and work as a team once again, back to being brothers. Then they woke up to Raphael gone. Mikey was the first to notice, waking up to a bare room. His freaking out had woken up the rest of them. With no signs of a struggle, and with his things gone this didn't feel like just another kidnapping. But rather something more permanent. The signs pointed to the fact that their brother's been sent home. It's been tough to deal with. Maybe this is why the affects that have affected other parts of the village so far haven't touched house 55. But it's not lasting.

The first thing Leo became aware of was a cooler feeling to the air. It's different, not like the cooling of the houses A/C. The feeling's familiar, but one he's not felt for years. The bed also feels less comfortable than before. He jerks his eyes open and sits up. The sight makes him freeze though. Instead of being greeted by the interior of his and Don's room, he's greeted by brick walls, floor and ceiling, the familiar smells and sounds of the old burrow lair that they'd grown up in as kids. Instead of separate rooms, it's one large room, with the beds to one side, the small living room, and dojo space.]

What the--. Guys, wake up. [He looks around, spotting where Mikey and Don are.]

[Sometime later in the day, after they get over the shock. Leo will sit down to send out a message that he's been putting off, as it's not pleasant news to spread. As leader it's up to him to spread it though. He's just hoping he doesn't catch anybody at the wrong time with it.]

[Voice/100% locked from Shredder/Saki and Karai]

For those who knew him, Raphael has been sent home.

[He's keeping his voice steady, but even he's feeling it. Him and Raph had grown a bit closer during his time here. A part of his is relieved, though, that at least one of his brothers is no longer a prisoner here.]

((OOC: I know she hasn't made an OOC post about it yet, but Ash has given us the go ahead to say that Raphael is now gone from the village))


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