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[Shredder and Karai are both gone.. He's glad for it. At least he no longer has to wonder when the Saki was going to make his move. Or try to figure out what he was up to. But on the other side of it. He's disappointed that Karai is gone. Near the end it looked like she was starting to see why he kept trying to get her to switch sides. Seemed to be seriously considering it. But now...now it all meant nothing. It's another missed opportunity. But he hopes there might be more. Even if the chances of her showing up again were slim. But at least he also didn't have to deal with the Malnosso deciding to dig up old feelings anymore.

He'll be out at the memorial garden briefly. Adding something to remember Karai, at least. Sometime after that he'll send a filtered message, when he sits down to send it..]

[Written/Filtered 100% to Ami.]
Hello Ami. I was wondering if you've talked to anyone about that group we talked about.

[Once that's done, he'll close the journal. He'll be out in the woods. He's been trying to contact Hyt, the light spirit, before it gets too cold out. Even knowing he's the hardest to contact out of all of them.

Eventually he'll head home though, turning the route into a training run.]


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